UK Immigrants to United States

UK, English, British immigrants ► Welcome to UK Immigration Data : 1846 - 1851 - This site contains an extensive searchable database of records on 166,940 passengers who arrived at the United States between 1846 through 1851 and identified their country of origin or nationality as United Kingdom, British Isles, Britain, England, etc or ethnicity as British, English, Welsh, Scottish, etc..

► Scope of Records - Included in the data are transcribed ship passenger arrival records of UK, English, British travelers who were United States citizens or non-U.S. citizens. Among these are those planning to continue their travels, returning to the U.S., or staying in the U.S. We have records of passengers arriving at the following ports: Baltimore, Boston, New Orleans, New York, and Philadelphia; however most of the records are for passengers arriving at the Port of New York.
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